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Current Offers

From time to time, we make limited-time offers available for our clients. Current offers are:

Free Holiday Printable

Passing Down Memories:
Tips for Discovering Family Stories at the Holiday Table

For your next holiday gathering, learn how to ask engaging questions, capture heartfelt family stories, and easily share them with family.

Start the Journey
to Discover Your Roots:
One-hour DNA Consultation

Dive into your DNA story with a one-hour consultation. We'll start by thoroughly reviewing your test results, breaking down your ethnicity estimates, and delving into the specifics of your genetic matches. I'll be there to address all your questions and to provide detailed insights and clarifications. Beyond understanding your current results, we'll discuss tailored next steps, guiding you on your genealogical journey. This session isn't just about decoding your DNA – it's a pathway to uncovering your heritage and planning your future research endeavors.

$150 USD

Continuing the Journey:
Three-hour Family Tree Review and
Future Research Roadmap Package

We'll look at your research to-date, focusing on the areas you want to explore further. From there, we'll create a tailored research plan outlining the steps needed to bring you closer to your goals. Whether you're just starting out or have been at this for a while, this package provides valuable insights and practical strategies to keep your genealogical journey moving forward.

$450 USD

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