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Research Services

Ready to explore?

No matter where you are on your journey, whether at the start, on a detour, or facing a road block, Generation Jones can assist you. I offer package rates or design-your-own projects in the following areas:


  • Family History

Catch the genealogy bug, break through that brick wall, or just prove lineage for a membership application. Generation Jones offers research and consultation in genealogy and family history.


  • Historic Homes

Unlock the history of your current or ancestral home. From names and dates to architectural details and more, Generation Jones can help you discover deeper insights about where your history happened.


  • Findings Analysis

So, there’s a murderer in your family tree? Join the club! Generation Jones provides analysis of genealogical findings, including DNA results, to help you bridge the gap between information and insights.


  • Historical Document Support

I’ve been on the receiving end of enough “request denied” letters to know the tricks for getting your historical and vital document requests approved. I also can retrieve physical documents from Los Angeles-area repositories.

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